Christmas Decorating Ideas – Hanging Snowflakes From the Ceiling

Wow. Just WOW.This looks amazing. One of the best Christmas decorating ideas we’ve come across this year.

A professional interior decorator shows you how she decorates her own home for Christmas and transforms it into an asbolute winter wonderland by hanging large snowflakes from her ceiling. Its the kind of thing you’d see at a high end Christmas gala. LOVE THIS.

This isn’t mentioned in the video, but, according to the designer, the snowflakes are hung with off-white sewing thread. You could use clear thread like fishing line but it isn’t recommended because it captures the light reflection and as a result is actually more noticable than the sewing thread. Use a color that best matches your ceiling paint color. Also, the designer in the video uses T-pins – never nails! T-pins leave much smaller holes in the ceiling than nails would.


Christmas House Tour – Decorated to the Max!

WOW! Just how many Christmas trees are there in this one house!? I’ve never seen anything like this. The decorations in this house are amazing. Really, really beautiful. Although the amount of decorations might be a bit much for some people – especially if you are the “less is more type” – but regardless of your own preferences, this really is something to look at. The video is really short so take a peek – you’ll see a LOT in very little time!

I’m just wondering where they put all those Christmas decorations when the holiday season is over… I’m guessing there’s a rented storage unit in this family’s budget – either that or their basement is really, REALLY jammed up with seasonal items for much of the year! Enjoy!

Christmas House Tour – Beautiful Christmas Decorations

Take a tour of this family’s beautiful home, all decked out for Christmas with equally beautiful decorations. The tour starts at the opulantly decorated front door, takes you into the foyer where you’re eyes will take in the grand staircase with its stunning lit garland. And then… watch the video to see every gorgeous morsel…

Christmas House Tour – Exquisitely Decorated

Tour an exquisitely decorated home and see if you can steal some Christmas decorating ideas. Another house that has been done up beautifully inside for the holiday season. Don’t you just love to snoop through other people’s houses at Christmas?!

Christmas House Tour – Stunning Silver and White

This interior designer lets you snoop through her own home all decorated for Christmas is in this Christmas House Tour video. Really, really gorgeous stuff. Watch and weep!

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