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Lighted Grapevine Christmas Balls

 Lighted Grapevine Balls for Outdoor Christmas Decorating

Photo Credit: Lynne Knowlton

Lighted grapevine balls look amazing hanging from an outdoor tree at Christmas time. I remember the first time I saw them hanging from a snow-covered tree in someone’s front yard. I had no idea what they actually were, but I was in love.  As the photo above depicts, grapevine balls aren’t just for Christmas, they look magical when several are suspended from a tree any time of year.

You can make your own grapevine balls from scratch if you happen to be growing grapes in your yard and have a lot of grapevine hanging around – here are some instructions from Lynne Knowlton in Toronto. 

However, you can also buy pre-made grapevine balls in various sizes in craft supply stores. I’ve bought them in the crafts section of Wal-mart, as well as in their seasonal department at Christmas time. They are not expensive. 

The ones shown here are extra large. They also come in small and medium sizes. In the seasonal department of stores like Wal-Mart, you may even find small ones pre-lit for hanging in trees or on your patio. I have some hanging from my suncatcher (like a gazebo without the screens) in my backyard and I light up my patio with them all year round. In winter I love to simply see them out my window, twinkling in the darkness at night.

Try hanging grapevine balls from the lower branches of a large spruce tree to decorate your yard for Christmas this year. They look great hanging from the branches of deciduous trees outdoors during the Christmas season as well.

Lighted Grapevine Balls - Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

Photo: Sterling Place in Dearborn, Michigan

At Sterling Place in Dearborn, Michigan, all the neighbors on the street participate in making grapevine balls to hang from their trees. Pictured above is one of the first trees to be lit for the season, this one with colored lights on the grapevine balls (clear twinkle lights look fabulous as well). Can you imagine how awesome it looks when the entire street is lit up this way?  What a magical idea! Why not organize something similar for your street and turn your block into a real life winter wonderland?

Do you have photos of your lighted grapevine balls, or other things you’ve done to decorate for Christmas with grapevine balls? Email us a photo we can share (admin [at] or leave a comment to describe it.

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