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Christmas Decorating Ideas – Hanging Snowflakes From the Ceiling

Wow. Just WOW.This looks amazing. One of the best Christmas decorating ideas we’ve come across this year.

A professional interior decorator shows you how she decorates her own home for Christmas and transforms it into an asbolute winter wonderland by hanging large snowflakes from her ceiling. Its the kind of thing you’d see at a high end Christmas gala. LOVE THIS.

This isn’t mentioned in the video, but, according to the designer, the snowflakes are hung with off-white sewing thread. You could use clear thread like fishing line but it isn’t recommended because it captures the light reflection and as a result is actually more noticable than the sewing thread. Use a color that best matches your ceiling paint color. Also, the designer in the video uses T-pins – never nails! T-pins leave much smaller holes in the ceiling than nails would.


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