Christmas Window and Ceiling Decorations: Stars

Christmas Window and Ceiling Decorations - Stars!
Can we say STUNNING?!  This photo quite literally took my breath away. A modern Vibe mixes with a throwback to the glam of 1920’s Hollywood.  Designed in a monochromatic all-white palette with a pop of gold accents on the cocktail table in the center of the space, the mood created for this room is one of glamor, relaxation and luxury. Slightly glittering white stars, lit from the inside, are suspended from the ceiling in front of the window at varying lengths to decorate the room for Christmas in a way that compliments the room to a T.

When decorating your home for the holidays, don’t forget the opportunity you have to suspend beautiful decorations from the ceiling and to highlight your windows.  The right decorations handing from the ceiling can create an amazing visual statement.  Like the idea? Check out this video to see how a professional interior designer decorated her own home for Christmas with large, glittering, gorgeous snowflakes suspended from her ceiling. Amazing!


Deep Pink Christmas Tree

Deep Pink Christmas Tree

A deep pink Christmas tree looks magical all lit up and aglow with oodles of white lights which really enhance the pink color of the tree.  When you have a pink Christmas tree you want to avoid a lot of decorations. The tree itself is the decoration – the color of the tree is the focal point, so you don’t want anything to compete with the tree itself.  A delicate iridescent  beaded garland trails down and around the tree, providing just the right amount of enhancement, but not too much. Anything more would run the risk of detracting from the tree, not enhancing it. This is one of those situations where less is more. [Photo Source: Unknown]

Twig Chandelier for Christmas

Twig Chandelier for Christmas

From blog.uniqueuniquedesign

A twig chandelier – adorned with silver metallic Christmas tree branches, birds, small white dove Christmas decorations, and Christmas ball ornaments –  hangs above a Christmas dining table.

Christmas Ornament Chandelier

Christmas Ornament Chandelier

A Christmas Ornament Chandelier is just the ticket to glam up your holiday gathering if you don’t happen to have a real chandelier in your dining area. Christmas Ornament chandeliers look fabulously festive, are fun to make, a lend that pop of glamour every holiday celebration should have. Plus, they give you something to do with all those gorgeous Christmas balls you’ve  been collecting over the years!

How to Make a Christmas Ornament Chandelier

You can create a chandelier made from Christmas ornaments to hang over your dining table. Its fun and easy! Simply attach an appropriate length of thread or ribbon to each ornament you wish to include in the chandelier.  Once you’ve got all ornaments suspended from thread or ribbon, you’ll need to group the ornaments together so they can be suspended from a hook in the ceiling. To do this, hold all the ornaments together from the top of the ribbons. Then adjust each ornament to the desired position by pulling the ribbon until the ornament is at the desired height. The center ornaments should dangle longer and the outer ornaments should hang higher. When you are happy with the look, tie the top ends of the ribbons together into one tight knot. Voila! Instant Christmas ornament chandelier. 

 Have you made a Christmas Ornament Chandelier? 
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Christmas Ornaments Chandelier

Christmas Decorating Ideas – Gorgeous!

Want to see some GORGEOUS Christmas decorating ideas by a professional interior designer – in her OWN home? Check out this video by Robeson Design in California.

What You’ll See in this Video:

  • How to Decorate a Mantel (Gorgeously!)
  • Christmas Table Settings (Stunning ones!)
  • and An Assortment of Other Christmas Decorating Ideas

This one is definitely WORTH WATCHING.

Okay, its official. LOVES Robeson Design. XOXOX

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